Duc Phong Nguyen is a Swiss photographer

based in Vevey, Switzerland

Gaia (/ˈɡaɪ.ə/) is said to be the goddess or personification of Earth in ancient Greek religion. Gaia was the great mother of all: the heavenly gods, the Titans and the Giants were born from her union with Uranus (the sky), while the sea-gods were borne from her union with Pontus (the sea).

Her equivalent in the Roman panthenon was Terra.

As a mere mortal, I see myself as an observer, forging myself an ephemeral vision of a world that was here a long time before me and will survive me by many years. Everything that is NOW is up to me to depict, and will eventually leave a mark in the future as traces of a distant past.

To seize the fleeting beauty of a place, an object, a scene, bring one's personal vision of life and its multiple facets, all of this drove me into photography. 

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