Hong Kong - Analog Love

Analog sequel of the Hong Kong series, taken with the lovely Mamiya 6. Classic camera, classic film (Fuji Neopan 100 mostly), and what better than black and white to illustrate a city with such huge contrast! 

Starting the series with HK by night: Night market street - more to come soon!

Discovering Tasmania

Just finished selecting and editing pictures from our trip to Tasmania during Easter holiday.

Leafy landscapes, mountains, lakes... the place on Earth where Australia meets Switzerland!

More to come in the coming days. Enjoy!

A city of contrast

Hong Kong is truly a fantastic city with lots of different facets: Chinese and British heritage collide, tradition and modernism face each other. From street food and markets to specialized stores, fashion designers, five-star restaurants or massively populated slums... the city has it all.

When visiting the city it is interesting to take some distances and see the city from high above... and then immediately experience the contrast of "real" life from ground level.